At EVENT! Alaska, events are not an add-on task – they are our business.

Events are a great opportunity to raise the visibility of the host organization and reach specific goals. EVENT! Alaska works in tandem with clients to plan, coordinate and deliver exceptional events that reach their goals – within budget. But that’s only half the story. Along with working with clients, EVENT! Alaska has relationships with dozens of vetted vendors that are hand picked for each event. Caterers, photographers, venues, entertainment, audio/video teams, decorations and more. These relationships combined with expertise, save EVENT! Alaska clients time, money and stress.


We talk.   The client describes what they have in mind and where they are in their event planning process.
Proposal.  EVENT! Alaska creates a customized proposal that itemizes the task list, deliverables and the price.
Agreement.  The client and EVENT! Alaska agree on the terms of the project and the payment schedule.
Planning.  Depending on the agreement, EVENT! Alaska performs the following tasks:

Creates a strategic/communication plan for the event included messaging and branding (if needed)
Solicits bids from vendors (venue, caterer, photographer, entertainment, audio/video, florist, etc)
Offers recommendations on bids

Provides registration services, website creation, speaker selection, participant bags and programs, promotional items (if needed)
Coordinates travel and accommodations (if needed)
Coordinates ground transportation (if needed)

Offers tour options (if needed)
Obtains decorations and other event materials
Promotes the event (if needed)

Day of Event.  Depending on the agreement, EVENT! Alaska can provide:

Set-up services – working with venue staff  and coordinating all event details including catering, decorations, audio/video needs, stage, etc.
On-site coordination services

Follow Up.  Depending on the agreement, EVENT! Alaska can provide:

Evaluations, surveys, reports, etc.

EVENT! Alaska provides event planning & coordination services for locals and visitorsEVENT! Alaska is a proud member of the Alaska Travel Industry Association