AWARE and the Juneau Violence Prevention Coalition Presents

June 19-21 at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall, Juneau, Alaska

A three-day training comprised of two separate but compatible sessions

Cost before May 19: $300 per session, $450 for both

Cost after May 20: $350 per session, $500 for both

Travel Discounts Available (Air & Hotel)

This training is designed for: *Men’s Group Facilitators * State & Community Policy Makers * Tribal Leaders * Law Enforcement Professionals * Social Services Agents * DV/SA Advocates * Teachers & Coaches * Community Members * Men Interested in Becoming Leaders in Preventing Violence

Listen to event organizers and trainer Lee Giordano talk about the Alaska Men Stopping Violence Training on KTOO’s Juneau Afternoon (the segment starts at 31:12).


Special thanks to Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska for partnering with the Juneau Violence Prevention Coalition and AWARE to make this training possible.



Trainer Lee Giordano

As the director of Men Stopping Violence, Lee Giordano designs, organizes and teaches workshops on violence against women. For the past thirty years, Men Stopping Violence has engaged thousands of men as allies in preventing violence against women. Read more…

Trainer Langston Walker

Langston Walker serves as the Director of Prevention at the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault. In that position, he provides technical support and assistance to agencies and communities working to prevent violence against women. Additionally, Langston works with Men Stopping Violence’s community education programs by facilitating Men’s Education Program workshops and classes.

This three-day training is divided into two related topic areas: prevention and intervention.

Day One: Prevention (Mobilizing Men).

Day Two: Prevention and Intervention. (Mobilizing Men & Men at Work)

Day Three: Intervention (Men at Work).

Participants may choose to attend one session or the entire training.


June 19 & 20

Mobilizing Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: A Comprensive and Community Centered Approach

Men Stopping Violence has engaged thousands of men as allies in preventing violence against women. Drawing from this experience, this innovative training will explore the reasons why engaging men is essential to the prevention of male violence, improve participants’ practices of engaging men by providing them with the requisite tools and understanding of foundational concepts such as sustainability, intersectionality, and community accountability. Focusing on both theory and practice, participants are invited into critical self-reflection and action planning using various modalities including small and large group discussions. The goal of this training is to strengthen participants’ capacity to organize men in their communities to prevent male violence against women.

June 20 & 21

Men at Work: Intervening with Men Who Use Violence

Men Stopping Violence (MSV) has been intervening with men who use abusive and controlling behaviors for over thirty-five years. Over this time, MSV developed nationally recognized practices that hold men accountable and create safer communities for women and girls. In this training, Men Stopping Violence will introduce facilitation and group management skills proven to address facilitation challenges, develop a productive class culture, and model conflict resolution skills to class participants. We will examine strategies to balance supporting men in difficult situations and the necessity of maintaining intervention program expectations for these men.

For more information, call 907-586-4902 or email


AWARE provides comprehensive intervention and prevention service, as well as outreach and education, regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

The Juneau Violence Prevention Coalition (JVPC) is comprised of community members and agencies committed to creating wellness programs and preventing violence.


“I would recommend this training to any person working in the gender based violence field and for any man looking to serve as an ally to women”

– Maryland Participant

Men Stopping Violence has engaged thousands of men as allies in preventing violence against women.